When you go in for a job interview, I think a good thing to ask is if they ever press charges

welcome to gay baby jail

she’s so hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeiiiighhhh high above me she’s so lovely

image collection of me waiting for mai waifu sarmisarn to get home from work every day that she works

oh also i forgot to tell you it’s all bears

this is technically a bear blog

lanulos said: was it you who showed me the eva amv of “the trial”? because i was trying to find it the other day and couldn’t :(((

it was me! i have bragging rights to that one lmfao

yeah it disappeared from youtube for a couple reasons i’m sure - most likely pirated footage, pirated music with no rights to use it, and maybe the channel just got deleted at some point who knows. i did find a really good alternate video by someone who made an amv to the same song using footage from evangelion as well as end of evangelion i can send it to you on skype or something because it’s a dl from animemusicvideos.org which you have to have an account for and sift through pledge drive shit etc etc

but yeah just message me or something if you want it it’s actually still really good - just not the same really. 

it’s like when you go to someone else’s house to spend the night and their mom makes scrambled eggs for breakfast and they’re really different from YOUR mom’s scrambled eggs but they’re still scrambled eggs and not that bad at all

Dark Side of the Moon from vainglorify on 8tracks Radio.

Dark Side of the Moon - Sailor Moon Villains Fanmix

Björk - Hyperballad

while i crawl into the unknown
cover me
i’m going hunting for mysteries
cover me

i’m going to prove the possible really exists

this is really dangerous
cover me
but worth all the effort
cover me

i’m going to prove the impossible really exists

B j ö r k // C o v e r  M e // "P o s t"


Created for Moon Crisis: A Sailor Moon Tribute Art show. I wanted to capture the Shoujo feeling I remember from the 80’s.

It will be available through the show as a 18x24” Giclée print and also afterwards as a direct purchase (the first time printing in this size!). Email  me at teacupbee @gmail.com if your interested in purchasing as I am determining how many will be created. It will only be available IN THIS SIZE for a limited time.


I’m just getting started.

Stephanie Brown in Batman Eternal 024

Point of View - The Complexities


On Tuesday, we looked at the basics of point of view; but there’s far more to it than simply choosing between 1st, 2nd and 3rd POVs.

The POV choice you make for your story will be based on a number of different factors, and will result in a number of different effects. It’s an important decision to make.

Let’s go back to 1st, 2nd and 3rd viewpoints.

1st Person:

  • Seeing a resurgence in popularity.
  • The usual choice for writing a story in the form of letters or diary entries (epistolary narrative voice).
  • Commonly used in the gothic horror and noir genres.
  • If used as 1st person limited, the reader only sees what the narrating character sees, hears, feels, thinks. They only go where the narrator goes, only sees through their eyes, which can be very limiting.
  • You can use 1st person omnisciently, so that the narrating character can see into the minds of all the characters. This is often used if the narrator is dead, or some kind of deity or supernatural being. You’d have to have a good reason for them to have so much insight.

2nd Person:

  • This is the least popular and most unusual choice for literature, which may alienate some readers.
  • It does bring them into the story, giving them a sense of intimacy to the characters and plot.
  • It can be a hard-sell, however. If you chose to use 2nd person narrative, you would have to have a very specific reason for doing it, and be sure that you can pull it off.

3rd Person:

  • The most common choice and what readers are most used to reading, so there is little or no learning curve.
  • 3rd Person Objective: there is no insight into the heads of any characters, allowing the narrator, and the reader, to view the story neutrally and objectively. More common in journalism, it disconnects the reader from the characters, and would be an unusual choice for fiction.
  • 3rd Person Limited/Subjective: the story is seen through the eyes of one or just a small number of characters. You do not know every character’s thoughts, only those chosen. Allows a wider viewpoint of the story than 1st person, but without opening it up to every single character.
  • 3rd Person Omniscient: the narrator can see into the head of every character. While previously the most popular POV, it is losing favour to a preference for 3rd Person Limited. It can become a little overwhelming for readers who, thrown quickly from head to head, find it difficult to get to know any one character enough to really empathise with them.

Unreliable Narrator:

  • For one reason or another, the narrating character is deemed untrustworthy. They may simply be naive or inexperienced, or they may be bias, or purposefully skewing the facts for their own gain.
  • Usually found in 1st person narrative.
  • They may omit information, either by accident or on purpose, or see things differently to the way anyone else would.
  • Examples of unreliable narrators could include children, characters with mental health issues, characters that are drunk or have drug addictions. It could include characters with amnesia or sensory impairments. It may simply be a character who is very modest and downplays their own part in the story.
  • Their unreliable nature may be evident from the start, or may only come to light further into the book.
  • While it can be used to great effect, it can run the risk of leaving readers feeling angry or frustrated.

Furthermore, you have the choice of past, present or future tense, which all lend themselves to different POVs in different ways.

And even so, this is still a bit of a whistle-stop tour to POV, and there are a lot more things to consider. If you are deciding to use a less common POV, go and read other books using the same one, see how it has been done well, and see how it has been done badly too.


if you don’t terrify people a little bit then what’s the point.

i’m taking manga coloring commissions:

one panel = $3 - 15 depending on the size/complexity of it
two people = $5
collection of panels/full page: $8

just message me for estimates and my paypal! i’d really like to do some jojos but i’m not really into the whole of it except the really cool graphics that i wanna color

since my sister’s passing my life has been a bit of a mess and i’m out of work for the time being. any bit helps, and i won’t judge anything. i would LOVE to color for you - just send me an ask right here 

these are some of the ones i’ve done:

please gimme a chance with your bara mangas ;w; i have nothing right now and it would be a huge help