When you go in for a job interview, I think a good thing to ask is if they ever press charges

welcome to gay baby jail

Just some stuff from playin around over at Ogle Beauty School

Aaaaand my hair. BababaBOOM BITCH I LOVE IT OK

New hair cut and satyr/ram horns!

More antlers before I get out of my car lol

Antlers are back, baby. Also check out those damn falsies man first time wearing lower lashes!

Tacky sweater
Pink hair
Quirky hair accessory

This is me now.

horns :)




A divine act of lunacy / source


NEW! Miyu Decay  ::Berber Macabre:: jewelry line! 

Models: Stephanie Inagaki  and Ashley Joy Beck

MUA: Jill Fogel

Photography: Allan Amato

special thanks to my awesomely, bad-ass mentor, Deana Fukatsu of OctopusMe Jewelry.